December 11, 2010

Readjustment Blues

Just out of the infantry this morning, I had to pay my dues across the sea. No one back in boot camp ever […]

She Won’t Let Me Fly Away

Well, I wake up late in the afternoon. I eat my eggs with the evening news. And the sun’s gone down before I […]

All Of My Memories

All of my memories lay in the lights of the highway. All of my nights in old motels and sleeping alone. All of […]

Blow Up Your TV (Spanish Pipe Dream)

She was a levelheaded dancer on the road to alcohol, I was just a soldier on my way to Montreal. Well, she pressed […]

60 Second Song For A Bank, With The Phrase “May We Help You Today?”

Oh, I love the changing seasons. Green and growing all around. Smiling faces, laughing children, making such a joyful sound. In my dreams, […]

Friends With You

What a friend we have in time. Gives us children, makes us wine. Tells us what to take or leave behind. And the […]