June 25, 2012

On The Wings Of An Eagle (reissue bonus track)

Oh, my home is in the mountains, I am free, I am free. I am one with wind and eagles, I am free. […]

Dance Little Jean (reissue bonus track)

Played a wedding for the money and I wish I could have told the bride and groom Just what I think of marriage, […]

December 10, 2010


Here I am, closing my eyes again, trying so hard not to see all the things that I see. Almost willing to lie […]

You Say That The Battle Is Over

And you say that the battle is over, and you say that the war is all done. Go tell it to those with […]

American Child

Going up to Alaska, up to the land of the midnight sun, where the whale and polar bear run over the icy blue […]

Whalebones And Crosses

Whalebones and crosses stand against the Arctic sky. The wind blows through the graveyard where our fallen fathers lie. Eternal snow that covers […]