December 10, 2010

Tenderly Calling

Home, come on home, ye who are weary, come home. Softly and tenderly calling, home, come on home. Sometimes when I’m feeling lonesome, […]


There is a river that runs from the mountains, that one river is all rivers, all rivers are that one. There is a […]

The Chosen Ones

I heard how all the lights went out in memphis On the death night anniversary of the king The pretenders talking dirty in […]

Hold On To Me

We were live on arrival, safe home at last. Not cannon fire dockside, no flags half-mast. We were sold out for silver and […]

Two Different Directions

They say they love each other, I’ve no doubt they do. They say they’ll always be together, that may not be true. They […]

Chained To The Wheel

Know what you really need You can’t get enough Too many mouths to feed Ain’t life enough Call this survival Don’t pray for […]