June 25, 2012

No One

I came into this lovely city about three weeks ago today, and I’ve been trying to find someone that I can talk to, […]

Four Strong Winds

Four strong winds that blow slowly Seven seas that run high All these things that don’t change come what may Now our good […]

Rita Ballou

Now she could dance that slow Uvalde shuffle to some cowboy hustle How she makes them trophy buckles shine,shine,shine Wild-eyed and Mexican silvered, […]

Rusty Green

Rusty green, the summer’s almost gone. I see winds clouding up the sun And I can’t find my way, everything’s gray. Rusty green […]

On The Wings Of An Eagle

Oh, my home is in the mountains, I am free, I am free. I am one with wind and eagles, I am free. […]


River, there are no stars in the city Here there is no telephone in the trees Beautiful days all on the water And […]