July 2, 2012

Seasons Of The Heart

Of course we have our differences, you shouldn’t be surprised. It’s as natural as changes in the seasons and the skies. Sometimes we […]


If I had my druthers I’d go fishing, find myself a lake and a lazy day. If I had my druthers I’d quit […]

Whispering Jesse

I often have wandered in deep contemplation, It seems that the mind runs wild when you’re all alone. The way that it could […]

I’d Rather Be A Cowboy

Jessie went away last summer a couple of months ago After all our time together it was hard to see her go She […]

Wild Montana Skies

He was born in the Bitterroot Valley in the early morning rain Wild geese over the water headin north and home again Bringin […]

Raven’s Child

Raven’s child is chasing salvation, black beak turned white from the crack and the snow. On the streets of despair the answer is […]