July 10, 2012

Heart to Heart

I havent seen all there is to see But Ive seen quite a bit Some things Ill always remember Some things I wish […]

It Amazes Me

You came looking for the answers To some questions on his mind Seeking truth and understanding In the hope that he would find […]

My Sweet Lady

Lady, are you crying, do the tears belong to me Did you think our time together was all gone Lady, you’ve been dreaming, […]

Shanghai Breezes

It’s funny how you sound as if you’re right next door when you’re really half a world away. I just can’t seem to […]

I’m Sorry

It’s cold here in the city, it always seems that way, and I’ve been thinking about you almost every day. Thinking about the […]

Seasons of the Heart

Of course we have our differences, you shouldn’t be surprised. It’s as natural as changes in the seasons and the skies. Sometimes we […]