December 10, 2010

Boy From The Country

Because he called the forest “Brother,” because he called the Earth his mother, they drove him out into the rain. Some people even […]

Wild Flowers In A Mason Jar (The Farm)

January, back in ’55, we rode a Greyhound bus through the Georgia midnight. Grandpa was sleeping and the winter sky was clear. We […]

Till You Opened My Eyes

Down, down, down, deeper into love, all around I can feel your love. All my life I’ve been dreaming night into morning, till […]

Country Love

Nashville tears are lonely signs that point to broken hearts, broken lives and families that love has split apart. Children who miss Daddy, […]

The Cowboy And The Lady

In the airport lounge she sat, in a fancy feathered hat, the grandest lady I had ever seen. Outside the heavy rain had […]

Easy, On Easy Street

My way was the hard way, didn’t know it at the time. I could’ve had it made by now, but I was too […]