December 10, 2010

A Little Further North

The sun sinks behind me in the west, this is the time of day I love best. Salt breezes murmur through the coconut […]

Eagles And Horses

Horses are creatures who worship the earth as they gallop on feet of ivory. Constrained by the wonder of dying and birth, the […]

High, Wide, and Handsome

Down from the great white north, more than enough and then some. Swept her up on his horse, Tumbleweeds, we’re meant to get […]

Postcard from Paris

Dear friend of mine, the weather’s fine. Today I saw some ruins of the Roman world’s decline. And I climbed all those Spanish […]

Thanks To You

Not so long ago, I packed my bags a hundred times. Didn’t seem to know how to stop or to unwind. Going nowhere, […]

The Flower That Shattered The Stone

The earth is our mother, just turning around with her trees in the forest and roots underground. Our father above us, whose sigh […]