Happy Birthday, John - John Denver


Happy Birthday, John

December 31, 2013. I hold up my glass and toast our old friend, John Denver, today on his 70th birthday. John, you are a true American icon. You were a great singer, songwriter, poet, and humanitarian from America’s heartland. Moreover, you came from a deeper place – you came from the heartland of Mother Earth.

Yes, I miss your smile, and that unbridled enthusiasm to dive headfirst into life. When I was with you, I always felt as if I were jogging while you were walking. It’s as if you always had a contribution to make and didn’t want to be late. But then you would pick up your old guitar, open your mouth to sing, and somehow time would stop for all of us.

Now you have no need for shoes and no need for time. I suspect you live with the eagles now and ride the wind, your songs echoing through the canyons of our minds, reminding us how right it is to care. And if we have an empty space inside of us since your passing, I know that it gets filled up every time we pick up litter or pick up a fallen friend. I know you laugh when you see us living joyfully, whistle when you see us living in harmony with nature, and sing out loud when we discover who we really are and live a life that shows it.

Happy 70th birthday, John. We love you,
Tom Crum,
Friend and Windstar co-founder