Disc 2 - John Denver


Disc 2

Song Titles:

1. Love Is The Master (Ames, Iowa)
2. Mother Nature’s Son (Ames, Iowa)
3. Farewell Andromeda (Ames, Iowa)
4. Sweet Surrender (Saratoga, N.Y.)
5. Grandma’s Feather Bed (Ames, Iowa)
6. Back Home Again (Ames, Iowa)
7. Mathew (Ames, Iowa)
8. Spanish Pipe Dream (Ames, Iowa)
9. Saturday Night In Toledo, Ohio (Ames, Iowa)
10. Dancing With The Mountains (Saratoga, N.Y.)
11. Eagle & The Hawk (Ames, Iowa)
12. Flying For Me (Ames, Iowa)
13. Calypso (Wolftrap)
14. Bet On The Blues (Star Lake, Pa.)
15. Boy From The Country (Manchester, England