Hey Old Pal - John Denver


Hey Old Pal

Hey old pal
How’ve you been doing
I’m really not foolin’
I’m so glad to see you
Hey old pal
My life’s been kind of crazy
I’m ready to be lazy
Hangin’ around with you

Well even in the very, very worst of times
There’s one thing that I know
The way to guarantee
A little peace of mind
Is a walk in the woods
A friend by your side
And here we go

Hey old pal
It’s great to be here with you
The thing I’d like to give you
Is a real good time
Hey old pal
I really can’t believe it
But now that you can see it
It looks just fine

What a chance to play and sing
And have some fun
The day should never end
This will be a rocky mountain holiday
With you and me
And all we can see
And all of our friends

Hey old pal
We must be daydreamin’
At least the things we’re seein’
Are a dream come true
Hey there gang
It’s great to be together
It just keeps gettin’ better
I can promise you

This is going to be
The very best of times
And we will make it so
No more hustle and bustle
And no more telephone lines
And now that we’re here
Let’s grab all our gear
And off we go