It’s A Possibility - John Denver


It’s A Possibility

For all of the times that you’ve wondered why the world turned out this way,
and all of the time that you’ve asked yourself about the games that people play,
about the politics of hunger and the politics of need,
how the politics of power seem to be the politics of greed,
for all the times that you struggled in an effort to work your way back upstream,
and all of the times you’ve held on to it when most of us had lost the dream,
and for all of the ones who have walked with you, by your side or way back home,
maybe much more than any of us, you know, that no one is really alone.

Because the heart is still a hunter, it’s like a beacon in the night.
And though the heart is just a lover, it’s never afraid to fight.
We are fighting for more than survival, we are working for more than peace.
We are giving ourselves to each other, making sure all injustice will someday cease.
You can take a look around you and you can see how far we’ve come,
all the separate parts, all the hundreds of hearts that are beating together as one.
It’s a possibility for many tomorrows, it’s a possibility of a world to be made for everyone.
It’s a possibility, no more suffering and sorrow, it’s a possibility, it’s in everyone.
It’s a possibility of many tomorrows, we’re a possibility of a world truly made for everyone.
We’re a possibility, no more suffering and more sorrow